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Office of Emergency Management


or call: 973-455-0500


Office of Emergency Management

To coordinate activities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to,
and recover from disasters.

Vision Statement
A safer future through effective partnerships committed to
saving lives and reducing the impact of disasters.


The Harding Township Emergency Management Program is designed to maximize the resources and personnel available during times of emergencies and disasters and at the same time minimize the threat to life and property from natural and technological disasters.

The Township Committee appoints an Emergency Management Coordinator and 3 Deputy Coordinators to prepare disaster management plans, declare a "state of emergency", and coordinate the responses of emergency personnel within the Township.

The Emergency Management Program establishes emergency procedures and coordinates activities involving Alert and Warning, Damage Assessment, Emergency Operations Center, Evacuation, Fire and Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Public Heath, Public Works, Radiological Protection, Resource Management, Shelters and Social Services Reception and Care, and Public Schools. This Office is also responsible for providing the public with up to the minute information on all disasters and emergencies.

To maintain a state of readiness the Office of Emergency Management conducts meetings throughout the year and conducts a series of tabletop and functional exercises to simulate disasters and to test the response capabilities of the township's emergency response personnel and equipment.

The office of Emergency Management also maintains mutual aid agreements with surrounding towns as well as the Morris County Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to assure additional personnel and equipment will be available and ready when needed.

The Emergency Management Council is appointed by the Township Committee to serve as a forum for assisting in the development of Emergency Management Plans.

  Emergency Management Council

         Police Chief                                                      Fire Chief

        Mayor                                                                Captain of First Aid Squad

        Emergency Management Coordinator              American Red Cross

        Health Officer                                                    Superintendent of Public Works

       Township Attorney                                              School Superintendent

       Observer Tribune                                                Administrator, Deputy Coordinator