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The Board of Health contracts for Shared Services for Public Health Services with the County of Morris, Division of Public Health. The Health Department administers the health regulations in Harding Township, including septic and well regulations, health clinics, health inspections, communicable disease local response and tracking, and animal management (control and licensing).

Health Department Services

As part of the Shared Services Agreement with Morris County, Dr. Carlos Perez, Jr., Director of Morris County Health Management, serves as Harding Township's Health Officer, Mrs. Stephanie Gorman, Assistant Health Officer, and Jessica Freer, SREHS, and Shelby Meyers serves as REHS (Registered Environmental Health Specialist). Our pages are designed to provide you with information about our programs and services, as well as important dates and health related links.


For more information please visit the following sites:

Visit Morris County Department of health -- 

Morris County residents to schedule a vaccine appointment visit: Atlantic Health


WILDFIRE/SMOKE: For information on how to protect your health from wildfires, please see this CDC link and this link about Public Health Strategies to Reduce Exposure to Wildfire Smoke during the COVID-19 Pandemic | CDC

Please refer to the this EPA guidance document on interpretation of air quality index numbers and recommendations for specific groups.

The following site also provides air quality index information by zip code and is helpful when making determinations regarding planned outdoor activities:

INFLUENZA: Stop the Spread of Flu  and Stop the Spread of Germs  for more information.


The Influenza clinic is rescheduled for October 18, 2023 from 4 to 6 pm at the Municipal Building for Seniors 65 years of age and up.  Please bring your Medicare card.  The clinic is sponsored by the Morris County Division of Public Health.  If anyone 18 to 64 years of age attends the clinic, the fee for the flu vaccination is $25.00 (Cash or Check made out to Atlantic Corporate Health) or paid through your insurance.    

Atlantic Health will be administering the updated COVID-19 vaccination  on October 18th to ages 18 years or older.  Please bring your insurance card to receive this vaccination.  If you do not have insurance and want the COVID-19 vaccination, please visit your local CVS or Walgreens.

GOT LEAD? - The Morris County Division of Public Health in Partnership with the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority is offering Community Lead Testing on Consumer Items at no cost on Saturday, October 28, 2023 from 11 am to 1 pm at the Morris County Library, 30 East Hanover Ave, Whippany, NJ.  Any questions call 973-631-5484.  Consumer items:  toys, spices, jewelry, mugs, dishes, clothing, mobile devices, makeup.

UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE:  NJ State Health Insurance Assistance Program contact 973-784-4900 to schedule an appointment.



SEPTIC PUMP OUTS -- A septic pump permit must be taken out by the septic contractor to conduct a pump out on a resident's property.

WELLS - Private Well Water Testing - Click here.



The rabies clinic is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2023 from 9 am to 11 am at the NVVFD located at 22 Village Road, New Vernon.  Please ensure your cats and dogs are on a leash or in a carrier.

Animal Control: Harding Township's animal control service is through "Animal Control Solutions, LLC". For animal control issues, residents should contact the Harding Township Police at 973/455-0500 ext: 0. An officer will respond and take action or make appropriate notifications to the Health Department and/or Animal Control Solutions.

Animal Control Solutions Update to Coronavirus - click here

DOG LICENSES: License issuing begins in January of every year and all dogs must be licensed by January 31st. If you have a new puppy, licensing for new puppies begins at 7 months of age. A late fee of $10.00, per dog, will commence on March 1st of every year.

Click Here for a copy of the 2023 dog license application.

In order to receive a license, the dog or dogs rabies immunity must be good through October 31st of every year.  For a list of free rabies vaccination clinics click here: (

Dog License Official: Lisa Sharp

Animal Cruelty - Please click here.

 Mosquito Control: Learn about the importance of mosquito control, community-level control efforts, and what you can do to make a difference at home.

Tick-Free Summer: In order to enjoy a tick-free summer, make preventing tick bites part of your plans before gardening, camping, hiking, or just playing outdoors by following the CDC’S guidelines on preventing tick bites and Lyme disease.

 Healthy Swimming and Recreational Water Illnesses: Recreational water illnesses are diseases that people can get from the water in which they swim and play—like swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, water playgrounds, or oceans, lakes, and rivers—if the water is contaminated with germs. swimming.html

For Tornado Safety Information: Click Here


Prescription Drug Disposal: To properly dispose of unused or expired medicines:

  • Mark out personal information on the prescription bottles
  • Mix liquid medicine with substances like coffee grinds, cat litter or soil
  • Dilute pills with water and add to coffee grinds, cat litter or soil
  • Place bottles in an opaque container (coffee can, yogurt container, etc)
  • Mix the container in the trash.
  • Do NOT flush down the drain
  • Do NOT share medicines with others
  • Do NOT recycle containers or medicines