Glen Alpin Disposal / Diversion - Public Hearing Documents

    ID  Document

    A Harding Township Press Release  RE: Hearing 

    B Public Hearing Notices

  Public Hearing Notice 1 A - Harding Land Trust Transfer of Interests in Glen Alpin to Harding Township

  Public Hearing Notice 1 B - Harding Township Transfer of Interests in Gatehouse Property to Harding Land Trust

  Public Hearing Notice 2 - Disposal/Diversion for Glen Alpin

  Public Hearing Notice 3 - Transfer of Access and Trail Easement to Morris County

  Public Hearing Notice 4 - Conservation Easement Transfer to Glen Alpin to Gatehouse

C Public Hearing Signs

D Correspondence Approving Sign Locations

E Final Compensation Plan

F Correspondence Approving Final Compensation Plan

G 10/16 Correspondence Approving Appraisals

H Culbertson Appraisal #1

I Culbertson Appraisal #2

J NJDOT Appraisal #1

K NJDOT Appraisal #2

L Glen Alpin Appraisal #1

M Glen Alpin Appraisal #2

N Glen Alpin Survey & Descriptions

O Culbertson Survey & Descriptions

  P NJDOT Survey & Descriptions

    Q Culbertson Title Report

R NJ DOT Title Report

S Culbertson Preliminary Assessment

T NJ DOT Preliminary Assessment

U Correspondence Approving Preliminary Assessments

V Maps

The following are related documents from the Scoping Hearing held July 10, 2017

Cover Letter to NJDEP - 1-8-2020

Responses to NJDEP Email 

Disposal Pre-Application 1-8-2020 

Appendices 1-8-2020

Correspondence - NJ Historic Preservation - Rec'd 5-20-2019

Pre Application 

Pre-Application Checklist 

Land Valuation Form 

Diversion State Plan Statement 

Appendix - ALL


Replacement Properties