The Construction Department processes construction permit applications and enforces compliance with construction sub-code requirements.

The process of obtaining a Construction Permit generally involves two phases, first obtaining "Prior Approvals" from the Township Zoning, Engineering and Health Departments and then submitting the complete application and plans to the Construction Department. 

A Prior Approval Cover Sheet can be found here.

Depending upon the nature of the project, Affordable Housing Development Fees, Tree Removal Permits, Historic Preservation Review and Road Opening Permits may also be required.

A description of the process for Getting a Construction Permit in Harding Township can be found here.





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Contact Information

Construction Office
21 Blue Mill Rd.
P.O. Box 666
New Vernon, NJ 07976

Phone: (973) 267-8000 ext. 1976

Mark Fornaciari -
Construction Official

Patricia Walker -
Administrative Assistant/Secretary

Eric DeLizio
Electrical Subcode Official/Inspector

Brady Driscoll
Plumbing Subcode Official/Inspector

Mark Fornaciari
Building Subcode Official/Inspector

Leon Portine
Fire Subcode Official/Inspector

Paul Fox - 
Township Engineer
Phone: (908) 234-0416