Commonly Requested Forms

Smoke Detector / CO Alarm Certification for Construction Permits:  A certification for one and two family dwelling smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm compliance is required in order to obtain a permit for residential construction in Harding Township.  The form for this certification can be found here

separate certification including smoke detectors, CO alarms, and fire extinguishers is required upon sale or rental of a residence.  The State now requires application for this certification to be done on-line.  You will need to go to the  website ( and click on the Follow this link under the RIMS Online symbol.  Next, click on the Apply for CSDSMAC (Smoke Detector) Certification link under Bureau of Fire Code Enforcement and complete the following multi-page application form.  Your realtor may be able to help you navigate and complete this on-line application.

The following forms are commonly requested forms that may be printed, completed and submitted to the construction office when applying for construction permits.

UCC Chimney Certification Form

UCC F100 Application Form

UCC F110 Building Technical Form

UCC F120 Electrical Technical Form

UCC F130 Plumbing Technical Form

UCC F140 Fire Technical Form

UCC F145 Mechanical Form

UCC F390 Framing Checklist