Obtaining a Building Permit

The process of obtaining a Construction Permit generally involves two phases. First is obtaining the applicable "Prior Approvals" from the Township Zoning, Engineering and Health Departments. Second, is then submitting the complete building permit application including plans to the Construction Department. To expedite the review process, Harding Township has created a best practices program under which the Construction Department will accept applications having at least one prior approval to then begin its complimentary review process.


First, submit your completed application to each individual Department where any prior approval is necessary. Each Department will review your project for code compliance within their authority. Once the project satisfies all necessary requirements, the departments will issue their approvals. If the proposed work is not in compliance, someone from the department will contact you and note why the application was denied. You can then make modifications to the plans or application to meet the criteria and establish conformance. Once the applicable department has determined that the project will comply they will issue an approval and notify all necessary departments.


Second, once any prior approval is issued you may then submit the permit application and two copies of the plans to the Construction Department for review by the Construction Office. The plans and application will be afforded a complimentary review for completeness and compliance. Be advised the regulatory review cannot be started until all prior approvals are in place.


Construction Permit will not be issued until all of the conditions and all the prior approvals are met. Please remember that it will remain the responsibility of the applicant to complete the process of obtaining all final written approvals (and paying all applicable fees) from the Engineering, Health and Zoning Departments.


Depending upon the nature of the project, Affordable Housing Development Fees, Tree Removal Permits, Historic Preservation Review and Road Opening Permits may also be required.


Our goal is to ensure that everyone who applies for a building permit in Harding Township has a positive and rewarding experience with the process.


Mark Fornaciari

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Harding Township Construction Official