Shade Tree Advisory Committee


The Shade Tree Advisory Committee is established to assist and advise the Township Committee and Township departments with respect to the planting, care and control of trees and shrubbery in public places owned, leased or managed by the Township. In addition, the Shade Tree Advisory Committee shall assist and advise Township boards and commissions in matters related to plantings on public and private property that may come under the responsibilities of such Township boards and commissions.

Tree Permit Application

Native Trees

Invasive Tree and Plant Species


Name Term  Position
Caron Menger 12/31/2017 Member at Large
Gail W. McKane 12/31/2017 Township Administrator
Tracy Toribio 12/31/2017 Public Works Department
Nik Bjorkedal
12/31/2018 Environmental Commission Representative
VACANT 12/31/2017 Garden Club Representative
Dick Walter 12/31/2017 Member at Large
Alf Newlin 12/31/2018 Civic Association Representative
Jane Riley 12/31/2018 Historic Society
John Linson 12/31/2017 Tree Officer (Non-Voting)
Nic Platt
12/31/2017 Township Committee Liaison (Non-Voting)
Tim Jones
12/31/2017 Township Committee Liaison (Non-Voting

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