Harding Open Space Trust Committee


The Harding Open Space Trust Committee will advise and support the Township Committee on activities that make effective use of the Open Space Trust Fund, to finance the acquisition of lands for the preservation of open space, the protection of natural resources, and to cooperate in the function of purchase or restoration of designated historic structures, all as envisioned by the Township Master Plan.


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Open Space Criteria:

  • Viewscape, visibility to public and gateway
  • Linkages to other preserved properties
  • Water resource protection value
  • Other environmental resource protection
  • Public access, equestrian trails, hiking
  • Funding options and availability of funds
  • Likelihood of development

HOST Management Plans:

     *  Deer Management Plan click here.

     *  Gatehouse Management Plan click here.

     *  Kemble Tract Management Plan click here.

     *  Von Zuben Management Plan click here.

     *  Waterman Management Plan click here.


Amendment to Chapter 7 of the Township Of Harding Open Space Trust Committee -- click here



Name     Term  Position
Loren Pfeiffer - Chair 12/31/2021 Member at Large
Larry Weppler - Vice Chair 12/31/2021 Member at Large
Julia Somers
12/31/2022 Member at Large
Nik Bjorkedal
12/31/2021 Planning Board Representative
Jane Riley
12/31/2021 Shade Tree Representative
Madelyn Devine 12/31/2021 HLT Representative

Tim Jones

12/31/2021 Township Committee Representative
Jim Novotny
12/31/2021 Environmental Commission Rep
Robert Falzarano 12/31/2021 Township Administrator
Rita Chipperson
12/31/2021 Mayors Designee


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Contact Information

Lisa Sharp
Board Secretary
(973) 267-8000 ext. 711