Historic Preservation Commission


The Historic Preservation Commission has responsibility to assist and advise applicants on ways of conserving, protecting, enhancing, and perpetuating the historic character of Harding Township. Specifically, the Commission is charged with promoting historic preservation within the township. The Commission also seeks to preserve the township's rural streetscape.

The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building.  Please contact Lori Taglairino at 973/267-8000 ext. 723 for information.

Historic Preservation Commission Forms

Harding Historic Properties List

Historic House of the Year Criteria

Historic House of the Year 2020



Name Term  Position
Don Dinsmore
Class C
Steve Kao
12/31/2024 Class B
Gwenn Claytor 12/31/2021 Class B (Vice-Chair)
Thomas dePoortere 12/31/2021 Planning Board Representative (Chair)
Dan Maselli 12/31/2022 Class A
Mark Wilson 12/31/2024 Class B
Matthew Cooney 12/31/2022 Class A
Karen Hefner
12/31/2022 Alternate #1 Class C
Clayton Bogusky
12/31/2021 Alternate #2 Class C
Rita Chipperson 12/31/2021 Township Committee Liaison
Chris Yates 12/31/2021

Township Committee Liaison