Citizens' Park Advisory Committee

The Citizens' Park Advisory Committee is composed of interested citizens, interested citizens with expertise in topics relevant to parks, liaison members from interested Harding bodies including the Environmental Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Garden Club, the HT Recreation Association, the HTGV Bridle Path Association, and the Wildlife Management Committee, as well as the Superintendent of the Township’s Department of Public Works.


  • Tom dePoortere

Township Committee Liaison: 

  • Nanette DiTosto
  • Rita Chipperson


  • Tracy Toribio, Public Works Supervisor
  • Emilio Egea - Barrett Field
  • Jenny Burns - Showgrounds
  • Anne Kearns - Memorial Park
  • Donna Wilson - Bayne Park


The Citizens' Park Advisory Committee (CPAC) advises the Township Committee on the operations and care of the Township's four parks (Bayne Park, Barrett Field, Memorial park and Show Grounds) for the benefit of all its citizens.