Township Committee Assignments

Standing committees include Planning & Zoning; Finance & Insurance; Public Safety; Personnel; Freeholder Liaison; School Board Liaison; Open Space Liaison; and Board of Health Liaison. Two members of the Township Committee serve on each standing committee and provide oversight to the departments.

Standing Committees

Committee Chair Vice Chair
Finance & Insurance Mr. Modi Mr. Yates
Healthcare Insurance Ms. DiTosto Mr. Modi
Personnel Mr. Modi Mr. Yates
Planning & Zoning  Mr. Modi Mr. Jones
Public Health Mr. Platt Ms. DiTosto
Public Safety Township Committee  
Public Works Mr. Jones
Mr. Platt
Technology Mr. Yates Mr. Modi
Building & Construction Mr. Platt Mr. Jones
Glen Alpin Mr. Modi Mr.Jones
Cell Tower
Ms. DiTosto
Mr. Yates
Long Term Steering - Infrastructure & Policy Mr. Platt Mr.Jones
Emergency Preparedness Mr. Yates Mr. Platt
COAH Committee Mr. Yates  Ms. DiTosto
Recreational Advisory Committee Mr.Jones Mr. Modi 

Committee Assignments and Committee/Board/Commission Liaisons

Committee / Board / Commission  Chair Vice Chair
Citizens' Park Advisory Committee (Liaison) Ms. DiTosto
Mr. Platt
Environmental Commission (Liaison) Mr. Platt Mr. Yates
Harding Township School Board (Liaison) Mr. Modi Mr. Yates
Historic Preservation Commission (Liaison) Mr. Modi Mr. Yates
Joint Court of Madison, Morris Township, the Chathams & Harding Mr. Platt Mr.Yates

Morris County Freeholder Board (Liaison)

Mr. Platt Mr. Yates
Open Space Trust (Voting Member) Mr. Platt Mr. Jones
Shade Tree Committee (Liaison) Mr. Platt Mr. Jones