Stewardship Volunteering

Mayor's Letter

Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for donating your most precious resource of time to the Township of Harding.   We could not achieve our goals of keeping Harding the special place that it is while meeting the everyday needs of individuals who rely on Township services without your skills, dedication and time.

We think of community volunteers as valuable partners for our organization.  We honor our relationship with you by agreeing to provide you with a volunteer experience that you will value and enjoy. It would be impossible for us to meet our goals and obligations to the community without volunteers.

The Volunteer Policies and Procedures Manual is a guide for your work during your time as a volunteer.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience and thank you again for your generosity.


Chris Yates


Stewardship Volunteering Policies and Procedures Manual


The following represents the Township of Harding's policies and procedures for volunteers. Our goal is to provide all of our volunteers with a rewarding and professional experience.

Please read this manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures outlined. We believe that in order to provide excellent customer service, volunteers need to know and understand the rules and guidelines that have been established for the Township.

Volunteers are an important and integral part of the Township of Harding. Without them, we would be unable to provide services to our residents. We utilize volunteers at all levels of service within the Township. Volunteers work side by side with our paid professional staff as well as other residents.

In order to avoid any possible conflicts, the Volunteer, as well as any business entity with which they are affiliated, are prohibited from contracting work with the Township for a 12-month period from the most recent day volunteer work was performed for the Township.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this manual, please contact Gail W. McKane, Township Administrator, at 973-267-8000, ext. 1917.

This Volunteer Policies and Procedures Manual is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Township Committee.

Volunteer Project Leader Responsibilities

The Volunteer Project Leader oversees a specific community project and monitors the work of the volunteers to ensure that the project is completed in a safe, efficient manner. The Volunteer Project Leader is responsible for completing a checklist for each project and itemizing the list of volunteers by name and assignment. (See Checklist for Volunteer Project Leaders)  The Volunteer Project Leader must also ensure that each volunteer under his/her supervision has been advised of and has adhered to the guidelines listed below:

  • Safety Training has been provided to the Volunteer
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment used, e.g., eye and hearing protection especially when near power equipment, leather chaps when using chain saws.
  • Suitable First Aid kit on-site
  • Volunteers are not to drive Township-owned vehicles
  • Use of Volunteer-owned power equipment is restricted to the owner
  • Volunteer Project Leaders must also complete a Release of Liability annually. (See Township of Harding Release of Liability)

    The Volunteer Project Leader shall establish an appropriate worksite. This worksite shall contain necessary facilities, equipment, and space to enable the Volunteer to effectively and comfortably perform his or her duties. Volunteer work sites are subject to the same safety requirements as are all Township of Harding worksites.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    Of paramount importance is the safety and welfare of Volunteers. Accepted common sense standards of behavior will be outlined prior to the performance of Volunteer tasks/assignments. Volunteers may be utilized in many programs and activities of the Township of Harding, and serve at appropriate levels of skill as determined by the Volunteer Project Leader.

    Volunteers must review the basic safety videos provided by the NJ Municipal Excess Liability (MEL) Joint Insurance Fund before proceeding.   The following videos are provided on the MEL's website.  Locate "Programs" on the left boarder of the home page under "Safety Orientation" or click on the links below:

    Volunteers must also complete a Release of Liability annually. (See Township of Harding Release of Liability)

    Each Volunteer with the Township of Harding must have a clearly identified Volunteer Project Leader who is responsible for direct, day-to-day management of that Volunteer. This Volunteer Project Leader may be a staff person, a trained adult Volunteer, or other designated person. This Project Leader shall be available to the Volunteer for consultation and assistance. An adult must supervise minors under the age of eighteen.

    The Volunteer Project Leader must provide appropriate information regarding safety as well as the scope of the project. The Volunteer must acknowledge that this information has been communicated to him/her by completing a Volunteer Indemnification form. (See Volunteer Indemnification)

    The information that is reviewed should include:

    • The general responsibilities of volunteers
    • Reporting and supervision responsibilities
    • Training and orientation prior to performing work
    • Personal protective equipment to be provided
    • Safety training video has been reviewed by the Volunteer