Mayor Yates 05/22/2020 Letter

Residents with Questions regarding Harding OEM operations may email: or call 973-455-0500


Harding Advisories/Notices

2/29/2016 - JCP&L Announces Tree Trimming in Harding Township

JCP&L announces that Nelson Tree service will be conducting vegetation management in municipalities served by the Green Village substation.  Nelson Tree Service has been contacting residents and will begin work in early March.  The streets in Harding include:

  • Blue Mill Road
  • Dickson's Mill Road
  • Douglas Road
  • Farinella Road
  • Featherbed Lane
  • Green Village Road
  • James Street
  • Long Hill Road
  • Meyersville Road
  • Millbrook Road
  • Miller Road
  • Orchard Drive
  • Pleasantville Road
  • Spencer Place
  • Spring Valley Road
  • Sutton Drive
  • Village Road
  • Woodland Road